Monday, August 10, 2020


Rajasthan Muslim Auto-rickshaw Driver Attacked, Forced To Chant ‘Jai Shree Ram’

Police have arrested two accused in connection with the case after the victim registered FIR.

Top Indian Military And Strategic Brass Review Ladakh Situation

An official document released by the Indian MoD on late Wednesday evening has stated that the situation in Eastern Ladakh is `sensitive’ and standoff with China is expected to be `prolonged’.

Indian Investigative Reporter Exposes RAW’s Covert Ops Against Neighbors

Indian investigative reporter Yatish Yadav's "RAW: A History of India’s Covert Operations" confirms what many of India's neighbors and long known and experienced: Indian intelligence agency RAW sabotages and subverts governments through its proxies and its assets in neighboring countries. India promotes and exacerbates local grievances to overthrow governments and break up nations. Yatish Yadav says "R&AW spooks relentlessly bribed, cajoled and blackmailed India’s enemies".

1st Contract Finally In Sight For India’s Own Attack Helicopter

While the Indian Air Force will be the LCH’s launch customer, the Indian Army will receive most of the 165 planned airframes. The two services still haven’t fully sorted out who must operate armed helicopters, with even foreign imports of the AH-64E being split between the two services for now.

Neville Maxwell discloses document revealing that India provoked China into 1962 border war

"Its lessons are that China is conflict-averse and will do all it can to reach peaceful solutions, but that it can't be pushed around and will never back away from defending what it sees as its basic security concerns. If the issue becomes fight or surrender, the PRC will always fight."

India may have put Beijing within the range of its Nuclear Weapons

“India’s nuclear strategy, which has traditionally focused on Pakistan, now appears to place increased emphasis on China, and Beijing is now in range of Indian missiles,” the study’s authors noted. “[T]he change in posture resulted in all-new Agni missiles [medium to intercontinental range ballistic missiles] having ranges that indicate their primary target as China.”

India Losing the Race with China to Build Infrastructure along the 4000 km Disputed...

China has completely outclassed India in the race to built roads,rails, infrastructure and air/heli ports in the remote frontier regions along the entire LAC. China has been putting its renowned construction abilities to use in recent years by building a network of air bases, cantonments and other physical infrastructure along the frontier