Tuesday, October 27, 2020


China Releases Video Of New Barrage Swarm Drone Launcher

The drones are launched with compressed air, then unfold their wings and fly to the target area with an electric-powered propeller. The kamikaze drones carry high-explosive warheads, potentially powerful enough to destroy tanks and other armor.

Chinese President Xi Jinping asks PLA troops to prepare for war amid border row...

Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked the People's Liberation Army (PLA) troops to prepare for war amid border row with India, according to report.

China firm, LAC heading for LoC-like festering zone

The seventh round of military talks between India and China failed to achieve a breakthrough on the border standoff, triggering apprehensions that the Ladakh frontier could now become a permanently contested militarised zone akin to Jammu and Kashmir.

India’s border infrastructure development root cause for tensions: China

"First I want to make it clear that China does not recognise the Ladakh Union Territory illegally set up by the Indian side and the Arunachal Pradesh. We stand against the development of infrastructure facilities aimed at military contention along the border area," Zhao Lijian, spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry said.

Pakistan fully eliminates desert locust with China’s assistance

China provided 300,000 litres of required pesticides, 12 drone sprayers and 30 other spraying equipment, with a total worth of US$5 million, to help Pakistan get rid of an existential threat. Pakistani officials and farmers have expressed gratitude for China’s decisive aid against desert locust.

‘China deployed 60K soldiers on India’s northern border’: Pompeo hits out at Beijing’s ‘bad...

“They absolutely need the United States to be their ally and partner in this fight,” and “But they’ve all seen it, whether it’s the Indians, who are actually having a physical confrontation with the Chinese up in the Himalayas in the northeastern part of India, the Chinese have now begun to amass huge forces against India in the north,” he said talking about U.S. allies.

China’s missile arsenal expands 10 times at vast military display in just 10 years

China’s exponential arsenal growth is apparent in a juxtaposition of Tiananmen Square images on National Day, October 1, in 2009 versus 2019.

Chinese national stabbed in Bangladesh, retired major blames India for ‘assassination’

A Chinese national working in Bangladesh was stabbed to death by an alleged mugger in the Pirojpur district of the country, with a retired major of the Bangladesh Army claiming that the "assassination" was carried out by India’s Research...

US warns China against Taiwan attack, stresses US ‘ambiguity’

“It’s not an easy task, and there’s also a lot of ambiguity about what the United States would do in response to an attack by China on Taiwan”.