Saturday, January 29, 2022


60 Aircraft To Participate in ‘Shaheen X’ Exercise Being Held in China

''Shaheen X''will take place in China’s western theatre command in the Second week of December.

Royal Thai Navy confirms its plan to acquire two S26T submarines from China

The S26T is based on the Type 039B Yuan-class submarine operated by the Chinese Navy. It is expected to displace at around 2,600 tons, has a top speed of 18 knots, and a submerged endurance of up to 20 days. It will be armed with up to 16 torpedoes and up to 30 mines.

Pakistan- China space cooperation

Pakistan- China space cooperation will reach new heights with the plan to send a Pakistani astronaut to space on a joint mission with the Chinese as well as cooperation on the Chang’E-5 Lunar Exploration Program.

India, Pakistan and China appear to be expanding nuclear arsenals: SIPRI

China, Pakistan and India have 350, 165 and 156 nuclear warheads respectively as of January this year.

Biden And The EU Call A Truce In A 17-Year Trade Fight To Focus...

The United States and EU have fought for 17 years over the use of tools such as subsidized loans and tax breaks to support the aerospace sector. In 2019, the World Trade Organization ruled that both sides were breaking the rules.