Tuesday, July 27, 2021


The threat to our security isn’t reducing troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq —...

What is most needed is a complete end to the military mission and a total withdrawal. While it may sound good on paper to keep 2,500 troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq, doing so will perpetuate the decades’ long military failure.

President Dr Arif Alvi Friday said Pakistan had allocated $1 billion for reconstruction and...

After Afghanistan, he said, Pakistan was the second most-affected country that suffered the devastation of Afghan war for four decades. He said the benefits of peace in Afghanistan would also be benefiting Pakistan.

Afghan National Army receives 429 military vehicles from the United States

The statement said that the Afghan forces have received 1,383 Humvees, 55 Mobile Strike Force vehicles, 10 helicopters and 4 A-29 aircraft from the US so far.

Going Beyond The Call of Duty – FC Soldiers help ANA soldier

Last couple of days have been heavy for troops deployed along our western borders. We lost good men in Bajaur and South Waziristan. In the midst of this grief Frontier Corps KP (North) troops in Bajaur received a distress call from an Afghan Army post. One of their soldiers was severely ill with a dropping body fluid level. FC troops at the post rose above and beyond the call of duty and rush ahead in the dark of night to receive the patient. Wings doctors also moved to the location of the ANA soldier. His condition was assessed and he was administered requisite treatment. After stablising he was assessed fit to return to his country. FC troops in the highest tradition of scouts saw him off and got back to their routine of watching the other side.

NATO chief says allies will leave Afghanistan together

NATO insisted Thursday that its members would consult and decide together on when to leave Afghanistan, after US President Donald Trump vowed to bring American troops home by Christmas.

US starts dismantling 400 bases across Afghanistan

It has been revealed by the highly placed diplomatic sources that United States (US has started demolishing its medium and smaller size basis throughout Afghanistan and dismantling of almost four hundred such basis will be completed by the end...

After Rejecting Indian F16 Claim, Christine Fair holds Afghanistan responsible for Mess in the...

It began earlier and had nothing to do with the US. Afghanistan made an enemy of Pakistan from day one....Had Afghanistan not antagonized Pakistan inclusive of military raids in FATA and Balochistan, the region could've been very different.

U.S. Army awards contract to Leidos to support Mi-17 and PC-12 aircraft for Afghanistan...

Leidos was awarded a $35,7 million modification by the U.S. Army Contracting Command, Redstone Arsenal, for continued contractor logistics support services for special mission wing Mi-17/PC-12 aircraft fleets in support of the government of Afghanistan.

The Afghan government is building a militia force with Indian help: Hekmatyar

As per Hekmatyar , efforts are underway to establish militia forces in the northern provinces of Afghanistan. He also said that the Afghan government was trying to create obstacles to peace.