Friday, September 24, 2021


Afghans who helped the US now fear being left behind

The fate of interpreters after the troop withdrawal is one of the looming uncertainties surrounding the withdrawal.

Gen Tandeen khan achakzai caught with $5 million cash in UAE

According to local sources, Indian officials are coordinating with UAE authorities for his release

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and US partner to create platform for regional cooperation

Representatives of the United States, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan agreed in principle to establish a new quadrilateral diplomatic platform focused on enhancing regional connectivity.

Afghanistan: Rarely Seen Anti-Tank Weapon Destroys a Helicopter

Anti-tank guided missiles require training and multiple people to effectively fire them; for the most part, they are unwieldy. But they are capable of accurately hitting a target from kilometers away — well outside the range of small-arms fire — making them dangerous to vehicles, outposts and stationary aircraft. That makes their potential emergence in Afghanistan especially troubling for the Afghan military, which fights its battles mostly from checkpoints.

The lies that were told to sustain the US and UK mission in Afghanistan

Without American airpower holding back Taliban advances, the truths will be more violent, unpalatably bitter and lead to more lies, as a new chapter in decades of violence churns and swirls.