Friday, July 10, 2020


In Afghanistan, the Dead Cast a Long Shadow

With Afghanistan again facing a political crisis, Mohammed Najibullah’s tarnished memory is being rehabilitated by some. But the crimes of the last Soviet-supported president, who was killed by the Taliban, are hardly forgotten.

Russia denies paying militants to kill US troops

The Russian embassy in the US said the claims had led to threats to diplomats. The Taliban also denied there was any such deal with Russian intelligence.

Afghanistan: Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah sign power-sharing deal

| Under the agreement, Abdullah will lead council for peace talks and members of his team will be included in the cabinet.

Unknown assailants destroy BLA facility in Kandahar

| According to reports, bomb went off at one of the facilities housing Baloch terrorists in post locality of Aino Maina, Kandahar. Multiple casualties reported. Assailants managed to flee the area.

ISISI-K conducted the attack on Maternity Hospital in Kabul: US Govt

| US Special Representative Zalmay Khalildad say that US Govt has assessed that ISIS-K had attacked the maternity hospital in Kabul earlier in the week. Urged Afghan Govt & the Public to come together & crush this menace

Maternity Hospital & a Funeral attacked in Kabul & Nangahar

| A maternity hospital run by Doctors without borders was attacked in Kabul by unknown gunmen. While In a separate attack the same day, a suicide bomber struck the funeral of a police commander, attended by government officials and a member of parliament, in the eastern province of Nangahar,

US State Dept does not certain attacks on ANDF as voilation of agreement

.US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction in it's quarterly report says that certain attacks against ANDF are not in violation of it's agreement with Taliban. To this note, we were just wondering if leftists on this side of the border has anything to support the rights of 'Pashtuns' in Afghanistan.

NDS Director Assassinated in Helmand While Returning from a Meeting with Baloch Militant Command

According to foreign sources, Intelligence Director of NDS for Helmand province, Mohammad Ismail Azizi was assassinated on his way back to home after chairing a meeting with the terrorist leadership of the Joint command of Militant groups operating in Balochistan along with representative of R&AW.