Friday, June 18, 2021


NATO leaders to bid symbolic adieu to Afghanistan at summit

The 18-year effort cost the United States alone $2.26 trillion, and the price in lives includes 2,442 American troops and 1,144 personnel among U.S. allies, according to figures from Brown University. NATO does not keep a record of those who die in its operations. Those casualty figures dwarf Afghan losses, which include more than 47,000 civilians, up to 69,000 members of the national armed forces and police, and over 51,000 opposition fighters.

Afghan Fighter Pilot Scared of Taliban Escapes to US

The U.S.-trained aviator had last year been denied safe passage in a case that drew ire from inside U.S. military ranks. Maj. Asadi left Kabul on Tuesday after the U.S. last month granted him a temporary protection status for noncitizens in the country.

US withdrawal in Afghanistan up to 44% complete

CENTCOM said 300 C-17 cargo planes of material have departed Afghanistan while 13,000 pieces of equipment have been marked for destruction.

Pakistan Stops Official Contact with Afghan National Security Chief

Mohib not only repeated his allegations but called Pakistan a “brothel house.”

Afghans who helped the US now fear being left behind

The fate of interpreters after the troop withdrawal is one of the looming uncertainties surrounding the withdrawal.

Pakistan and Uzbekistan deny any US military base for Afghan mission

Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi made the remarks to reporters in Islamabad, explaining that his government has adopted a policy that allows it to become "only partners in peace” and not join any future U.S. war.

Taliban, Afghan Govt Declare Three-Day Eid Ceasefire

Taliban instructed their fighters “to halt all offensive operations against the enemy countrywide from the first till the third day of Eid”.

US could Sanction Pakistan post-Withdrawal; Rubin

If the pattern repeat as for the last few times, it is not unlikely the US will sanction Pakistan after it withdraws from Afghanistan, and perceives it no longer needs Pakistan.

The lies that were told to sustain the US and UK mission in Afghanistan

Without American airpower holding back Taliban advances, the truths will be more violent, unpalatably bitter and lead to more lies, as a new chapter in decades of violence churns and swirls.

In meeting with Taliban, PM Imran Khan says intra-Afghan talks provide ‘historic’ opportunity for...

On Wednesday, as the Taliban delegation commenced its visit, Prime Minister Imran and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had discussed the progress in the ongoing peace process and strengthening of relations between the two countries. In a phone contact with Ghani, the premier reiterated Pakistan’s steadfast support for an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process leading to a political solution to the conflict.