Thursday, May 28, 2020

Country Watch

Suspected ‘spy’ pigeon from Pakistan captured along IB in Kashmir

| While Chinese Military increases troop strength at LAC & invades Indian territory, Indian Military Chiefs have decided to stay quiet over the development. Their leadership believes they are busy catching spy pigeons invading along Pakistan border

Modi had approached Zakir Naik for building ties with Indian Muslims

| renowned religious scholar Dr.Zakir Naik in his recorded video message has said that he was approached by Indian officials seeking his help on Kashmir & mending ties with Muslims. He was offered a free passage to India in return for his services.

After Islamophobic Posts, Indian in New Zealand to Be Terminated as Judicial Officer

| an Indian origin NZ citizen has lost his honorary position as Judicial Officer after he made posts on social media endorsing the socio-economic ban on Muslims

Afghanistan: Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah sign power-sharing deal

| Under the agreement, Abdullah will lead council for peace talks and members of his team will be included in the cabinet.

Chinese Helicopters Entered Indian Territory Twice in April: Reports

| Although the area where the incursion was noted is disputed territory, but India believes that it's violation of her sovereignty as Chinese helos penetrated 12-15km deep inside the disputed region.

Unknown assailants destroy BLA facility in Kandahar

| According to reports, bomb went off at one of the facilities housing Baloch terrorists in post locality of Aino Maina, Kandahar. Multiple casualties reported. Assailants managed to flee the area.