Tuesday, October 27, 2020


CNS laid Foundation Stone of “Health Sciences Complex” at BU Medical & Dental College,...

This Complex will comprise of Dental College, Nursing College, Medical Training School, Allied Health Sciences & College of Physical Therapy.

SBP allows pilot operation of e-commerce payment gateway

Covid-19 pandemic has caused a surge in online payments as customers move towards cashless solutions

France: World’s largest nuclear fusion project begins assembly

The world's biggest nuclear fusion project has entered its five-year assembly phase. After this is finished, the facility will be able to start generating the super-hot "plasma" required for fusion power.

SHC stops crackdown against sugar mills

SHC on Tuesday stopped the federal government from taking actions against the sugar mills owners . To remind our followers, earlier it was IHC that had stopped the govt from taking action. However on 20th June, IHC allowed the govt that it was free to chase after those named in Sugar mill report.