Monday, September 21, 2020


Incompetent PM Imran Khan and his handlers are responsible for Indian annexation of Kashmir:...

"Kashmiri awaam par muzalim ka silsila to kehi saalo say jaari hai, magar Kashmir ko harrap karnay ka hosla aaj tak kisi ka nahi huwa. Ab Bharrat nay aik ghair numahinda aur ghair maqbool aur karputli Pakistani Hakumat daikh kar Kashmir ko apna hisa bana liya hai. Aur hum, aitjaaj bi na kar sakay. Dunya to kya, apnay dosto ki hamayat bi na kar sakay. Akhir aisa kyu hai? Kyu huwa aisay? Kyu hamaari baat Dunya sunnanay kay liye tyar nahi hai? Kyu?" #MujheKyunNikala

Bloomberg New Economy: China is Winning the Trade War With Trump

The final scorecard is already in: On just about every metric that matters, China is ahead. At every turn, Trump seems to have been outplayed and outsmarted throughout the global trade war that began shortly after he took office.

WAPDA starts recruitments for Diamer-Bhasha Dam Project

The spokesperson said that the nationals belonging to GB and the project’s area will be prioritised in order to ensure the economic progress of the locals.

Pakistan’s textile sector back at full capacity

The much-needed growth in textile production is, however, achieved through a big jump in the import of basic raw materials – cotton and man-made yarn – after the recent heavy rainfall and pest attack damaged notable portion of cotton crops in the fields to a multi-year low.

Iranian Court Orders The Amputation of The Fingers Of Three Teenagers Under Sharia Law

Three teenagers are sentenced to have four fingers amputated from their right hand for theft in Iran. Amputation as a form of punishment is rare in Iran. To have this type of punishment there are 14 rules that all need to apply for the judge to order an amputation. Hadi Rostami, Mehdi Sharafian and Mehdi Shahivand, whose exact ages are not known, were tried on November 2 last year on four counts of robbery at a court in the city of Urmia, in northern Iran close to the border with Turkey.

Islamabad’s ‘powerful elite’ directly responsible for flouting laws: IHC

IHC notes involvement of state institutions, ministries in real estate business raises 'questions of conflict of interest'. “Islamabad's powerful elite is directly responsible for flouting laws,” said Justice Minallah. He added that there was no harm in saying that the “state has failed” to protect the common citizens.

YDA enraged at termination of doctor over abusing, threatening woman on social media

Young Doctors Association (YDA) Punjab chapter's president Salman Habib on Friday railed against the government and health authorities after a medical professional was terminated for allegedly abusing and threatening a female medical student on social media.

Gilgit Baltistan will be given a provincial status with representation on all constitutional bodies

حکومت نے گلگت بلتستان (جی-بی) کو سینیٹ اور قومی اسمبلی میں اس کی نمائندگی سمیت ، تمام آئینی حقوق کے حامل ایک مکمل صوبے کے درجے تک پہنچانے کا فیصلہ کیا ہے۔

Iran ready for barter trade with Pakistan, says council general

Iran is ready for barter trade with Pakistan, including the export of petrochemicals, steel and LPG to Pakistan in exchange for rice, meat and other agriculture products from Pakistan.