Tuesday, May 26, 2020


BLA attacks Local for working with Security Forces

| Out of frustration, these guns for hire have started shooting at local people who do not believe in their ideology and have started working against these terrorists. These locals were targeted because they were informing Security Forces about the activities of Terrorists in the area.

Suspected ‘spy’ pigeon from Pakistan captured along IB in Kashmir

| While Chinese Military increases troop strength at LAC & invades Indian territory, Indian Military Chiefs have decided to stay quiet over the development. Their leadership believes they are busy catching spy pigeons invading along Pakistan border

Indian proxies hunting Baloch patriots

| A pro-Terrorist social media account has threatened to assassinate patriotic Baloch who shun violence and decided to stand with State of Pakistan. This is how Indian sponsored proxy silence the truth.

Patriotic Dissenters Openly Supporting BLF

| Professing their love openly for terrorists

Chinese Forces intruded at multiple locations in Ladakh Region

| Chinese military is fast increasing the presence of its troops in areas around Pangong Tso lake and Galwan valley along the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, sending a clear signal that it was not ready to end its confrontation with the Indian Army anytime soon.

Army Chief spends eid at LOC with Troops: ISPR

| COAS visited LOC in Puna Sector & spent Eid with troops, offered Eid prayers at frontline & prayed for peace & prosperity of Pakistan in these difficult times. He added “Indian occupying forces can never suppress valiant spirit of Kashmiris who rightfully await plebiscite under UN resolution. Regardless of ordeal their struggle is destined to succeed, InshaAllah”

FactCheck: Propaganda against Military over rescue efforts

| Opportunists used a cropped up picture of Military personal to run their charades over Social Media maligning the personnel busy with taking selfies instead of focusing on rescue efforts. In reality Cmdt. Rangers has been at the fore front of leading the rescue efforts at the crash site.