Friday, October 22, 2021

Military & Defence

India, Pakistan and China appear to be expanding nuclear arsenals: SIPRI

China, Pakistan and India have 350, 165 and 156 nuclear warheads respectively as of January this year.

Armenian SU-25 fighter jet shot down

A spokesman for Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan denied Yerevan’s claim to Bloomberg. Azerbaijan’s defense ministry has also denied that a Turkish F-16 jet has shot down an Armenian warplane. “The claim that Turkey shot down an Armenian fighter jet is absolutely untrue. Armenia should withdraw from the territories under its occupation instead of resorting to cheap propaganda tricks.”

NATO leaders to bid symbolic adieu to Afghanistan at summit

The 18-year effort cost the United States alone $2.26 trillion, and the price in lives includes 2,442 American troops and 1,144 personnel among U.S. allies, according to figures from Brown University. NATO does not keep a record of those who die in its operations. Those casualty figures dwarf Afghan losses, which include more than 47,000 civilians, up to 69,000 members of the national armed forces and police, and over 51,000 opposition fighters.

No Weapons to Pakistan; Russia assures India during Rajnath’s visit to Moscow

Russia, India’s historical ally, has assured New Delhi that it won’t sell arms to Pakistan. This was discussed during a meeting between Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and his Russian counterpart Gen. Sergei Goishu in Moscow.

Indian Air Force Pilot Killed In MiG-21 Bison Accident During Training Mission

Group Captain A Gupta lost his life in the unfortunate accident.

Pentagon Report: China Now Has World’s Largest Navy as Beijing Expands Military Influence

A “permanent condition of military inferiority is anathema” to China’s leadership and nowhere is that more obvious in its naval build-up, Chad Sbragia, deputy assistant secretary of defense for China, said during a Tuesday American Enterprise Institute forum.

India’s AK-203 Program Delayed

The delay has been attributed not only to delays related to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic but also “over differences in pricing”.