Friday, October 22, 2021

Military & Defence

Terrorist Threat to India’s Nuclear Weapons : A Real Danger

The recent report of FP (Foreign Policy) shows that the influx of Indian citizens joining the global Jihadi Cocktail of ISIS poses a serious threat to India's un-safeguarded nuclear program.

UK reclaims place as world’s second largest arms exporter

| UK was also among the countries hit worst by COVID-19

Battle for rare earths escalates as Pentagon gets involved

China Central TV says the US government is ready to use a law from the 1950s to speed up domestic production of rare earths in order to achieve self-sufficiency in minerals that are important in defence technology and mobile phones.

Turkey transports S-400 air defense system for Black Sea tests

Turkish military plans to test the long-range air defense system’s capabilities, transported its first batch of Russian-made S-400, to the Black Sea port of Sinop.

China’s J-20 fighter can get ‘beastly’ if it has to

Recently, J-20 has been spotted equipped with pylon adapters under its wings, indicating a new range in combat capability.

Russians claim to have photon radar, which makes stealth technology useless

Engineers say they have succeeded in developing phase-active radar thanks to the principles of radiophonics. The prototype has already been tested and, according to a Moscow Komsomol member, is successful.