Saturday, May 15, 2021

Naval Forces

China’s 3rd aircraft carrier ‘progressing smoothly’

If everything goes well, the third aircraft carrier should be completed in November or December, be launched by the end of the year and then be fitted out, the report predicted.

Iran taunts US Navy with drone images of USS Nimitz

The Nimitz, and several other warships, passed last Friday through the Strait of Hormuz, the world’s most important chokepoint for oil shipments, the US Navy had said, in what was described as a “scheduled maneuver.”

Egypt requests sale of $417 million Maritime Domain Awareness system

The government of Egypt has requested the purchase of a Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) system from the United States at a cost of $417 million. The US Defence Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) notified Congress of the potential sale on...

CMN Hands Over 2nd And 3rd Batches Of HSI32 Interceptors To Royal Saudi Navy

French Shipyard CMN handed over the second and third batches of HSI32 Interceptors for the Royal Saudi Navy. The delivery ceremony took place September 20, 2020 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Iran to establish permanent IRGC military base in Indian Ocean by next March 2021

The commander of the Naval Forces, Ali Reza Tungsiri, said that the Guards have directives from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, to be present on the high seas permanently.

Egyptian MEKO-A200 frigates will get a new generation of French MICA missiles..The VL-MICA NG...

The new generation of MICA NG and VL-MICA NG surface-to-air missiles feature the new Dual-Pulse Rocket Motor that enables flying speeds of up to Mach 4 (4,880 km / h) and increases the range that can reach 40 km...

Greece to Buy 18 Rafale Fighters, Four New Frigates to Boost Defense

The country will also be boosted through the acquisition of Romeo SH-60 Seahawk helicopters, torpedoes, anti-tank and guided missiles and the modernization of the Hydra-class frigates.

China’s two aircraft carriers in apparent simultaneous exercises for the first time

China's two carriers will become key forces at a time when China has been facing military pressure from countries like the US in the Taiwan Straits and the South China Sea, and potentially from India on China's key maritime transport lanes.

China’s first carrier-based, fixed-wing early warning aircraft makes maiden flight

An aircraft identified as the KJ-600 was recently spotted in Xi'an, capital of Northwest China's Shaanxi Province, in a commercial satellite image. The aircraft carries a radar on the top of its middle fuselage, similar to China's previous early warning aircraft KJ-2000 and KJ-500. It likely uses two WJ-6C turboprop engines, but could switch to the newer WJ-10s in the future, the report said. The Forbes report claimed that the KJ-600 looks like the US Navy's E-2C Hawkeye.

Germany Anticipates Growing Role In Indo-Pacific Region

The German Government recently formulates the interests, principles and central areas of German policy in the Indo-Pacific region. The new guidelines are also a contribution to a possible EU-European Union overall strategy for the region.