Saturday, May 28, 2022

Air Forces

NATO is trying to replace ‘ancient’ AWACS aircraft

NATO countries involved have decided to find a replacement aircraft before 2023, in order for it to be operational by 2035.

Report claims NSA spied on Denmark fighter jet purchase

Reports in the Danish media allege that the United States spied on the country’s government and its defense industry, as well as other European defense contractors, in an attempt to gain information on its jet fighter program.

China’s J-20 fighter can get ‘beastly’ if it has to

Recently, J-20 has been spotted equipped with pylon adapters under its wings, indicating a new range in combat capability.

The Electronic Warfare (EW) suite for a Fighter Aircraft (EM and EO)

Defensive & Offensive EW Suites on an aircraft

Marine F-35 jet crashes after clipping wings with refueling plane

A Marine Corps F-35 fighter jet crashed in Imperial County, California, after clipping the wing of a Marine KC-130 refueling tanker during a mid-air refueling, according to a Marine Corps statement.

Egypt Air Force: 220 units of F-16 without potent/outdated BVR

| US Administration never approved the sale of AMRAAM BVR to Egypt, Jordan or any other country citing concerns by Israel over the potential use of such advanced weapons against their state. Keeping their concern aside this is also a crime committed by Military & Civilian leadership that time & again went to US to build up a fleet of aircraft that had very limited capability

Croatia to pay €1 billion on used Rafale fighter jets

Rafale F3-R fighter jets will include 10 single-seater and two twin-seater variants.

JF-17 Thunder Block 2 S. No. 2P-60 for the Nigerian Air Force undergoing flight...

Two other aircraft for NAF, S. Nos. 2P-61 and 2P-62, are also undergoing flight tests. Nigerian pilots and maintenance crew have arrived in Pakistan for training. All three JF-17s will be handed over to NAF in November 2020.