Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Air Forces

Boeing wins a $10 billion contract to modernize F-15 Saudi Arabia

This contract provides for modernization and sustainment of the F-15 Saudi fleet to include such efforts as hardware, software, and interface design, development, integration, test, subsystem and structural component production and installation of future modifications and enhancements to the F-15 Saudi weapon system as well as product support.

China surpassing Russia in airpower technology: RUSI

In a recent report, the UK-based think tank contends that Russia and China are on different trajectories in combat aircraft development, with China taking a clear lead in areas such as sensors, datalinks, weapons, and low-observable technology. The single area where Russia retains an edge over China is in aircraft engines.

Kazakhstan Air Force deploys new Sukhoi Su-30SM fighters from Karaganda Air Base

Karaganda Air Base in Kazakhstan, named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Nurken Abdirov, has received new Su-30SM fighter jets.

Nigeria receives Wing Loong II UAVs from China

Nigeria has joined China and the United Arab Emirates as the only countries operating the Wing Loong II unmanned combat aerial vehicle. The two Nigerian Air Force Wing Loong IIs, which can remain airborne for 31 hours in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mode and 26 hours in offensive role, will add significant value to counterinsurgency and anti-banditry [operations],” Air Commodore Ibikunle Daramola said.

US Air Force RQ-180 stealth drone unveiled in first photograph

An aircraft matching the description of the bat-wing RQ-180 flew high over Edwards Air Force Base in California in broad daylight sometime in early October, its twin engines trailing a long, puffy contrail.

How is the Egyptian Air Force able to operate its fleet of mixed origin?

“However, data is being shared between the different-origin aircraft through the command-and-control centers that are equipped with dedicated systems capable of linking the various radar, aircraft, sensors, reconnaissance and electronic warfare systems, and integrating all the information and data...

China Unveils Wing Loong- 10 Attack Drone

China has displayed its new Wing Loong-10 attack drone at Nanchang Airshow 2020 that kicked off on Saturday. The aircraft is a ground-attack version of the Wing Loong. It uses 1t thrust ZF850 engine that costs ¥6 million, according...

UK bars South Korea from selling FA-50 to Argentina

The United Kingdom just wiped out a large portion of Argentina’s future air force—all without firing a shot.

Commander Iraqi Air Force, along with his delegation visited Air Headquarters & JSHQ

Major General (Pilot) Shihab Jahid Ali Shakarchi, Commander Iraqi Air Force, along with his delegation visited Air Headquarters, Islamabad and later also called on General Nadeem Raza, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, at Joint Staff Headquarters, Rawalpindi.

India Uncovered its secret “GHATAK” drone: Stealth deep strike capable

One of India’s most ambitious aerospace projects known as the “Ghatak” translating to Lethal, has made a new surprise debut in a video released by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Kanpur) – the institution which has been working on...