Friday, February 26, 2021

Air Forces

BAF to get high-performance fighter planes: Bangladesh PM

Besides, the BAF is also going to get soon the air defence system integration, unmanned aerial vehicle system, mobile gap filler radar and ultra-modern air defence radar, she said.

Argentine Air Force is Considering JF-17 as it’s Future Fighter

According to the chief of staff of the Argentine Air Force, Javier Isaac, aircraft manufacturers easily succumbed to British pressure, since they doubted the country's financial ability to pay for the purchase of new fighters. The general explained that the purchase of a JF-17 fighter is possible. The aircraft is produced in Pakistan, which was visited by a special commission of the Air Force in 2017.

Pentagon expected to increase Space Force funding in coming years

U.S. Space Force leadership is confident the new service’s budget will increase in the coming years as the Pentagon continues to prioritize spending on space systems, according to the head of the Space Force’s main acquisitions body.


The all-weather day and night capable Astra, which currently has a strike range of around 100-km, will eventually replace the expensive Russian, French and Israeli BVRAAMs that are currently imported to arm IAF fighters.

Greece Seeks 24 F-35 Stealth Jets in ‘Letter of Interest’ Sent to Washington

"We would like you to address this request with the highest possible sense of urgency, because we have a window of opportunity for the possible supply of F-35s in the very near future," the Greek Ministry of National Defense also stressed.

Taiwan grounds entire fleet of US-made F-16 fighter jets after crash

The air force said a single-seat F-16 flown by a 44-year-old pilot disappeared from radar at an altitude of some 6,000 feet (1,800 metres) two minutes after taking off from Hualien air base in eastern Taiwan on Tuesday night. The F-16s represent about half of Taiwan's fighter fleet.

Report claims NSA spied on Denmark fighter jet purchase

Reports in the Danish media allege that the United States spied on the country’s government and its defense industry, as well as other European defense contractors, in an attempt to gain information on its jet fighter program.

Bangladesh Might Be The Next Stop For LCA Tejas

It is early to talk about the aircraft now as it is not yet physically available. But capability wise, it is highly appreciable and Bangladesh may consider it as a low cost, budget fighter but a capable bird to fulfill the requirements of an MRCA.

Israeli AF Receives First-of-its-kind F-35I Jet to Test Indigenous Weapons, Electronics

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) received its first test F-35I aircraft, custom-built for Israel, which gives the IAF an opportunity to install its own electronic warfare, communications and weapons systems.

The US State Department approves the sale of 18 MQ9 drones to the UAE

Reuters reported, according to unnamed sources, that the US State Department had agreed to sell 18 MQ-9 drones to the United Arab Emirates. The sources added, "The US Congress was informally notified on Thursday of the potential drones deal for the UAE, valued at $ 2.9 billion.