Sunday, August 16, 2020


The Electronic Warfare (EW) suite for a Fighter Aircraft (EM and EO)

Defensive & Offensive EW Suites on an aircraft

PDF Journal: Eid on the front-lines: the best Eid I ever had

It was never about being the best as much of society always seems to tell you but doing your best!

OP-ED: See all evil, hear all evil, speak all evil – modern warfare

Your best air conditioning is what Mother Nature deems fit. Every man around you is armed to the teeth and your bed is a simple mat. Your toilet is a hole on ground & you don't have signals on your phone Welcome to warfare 101.

Pakistan’s UN ambassador elected as president of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Munir Akram was on Thursday unanimously elected as the President of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the world body’s economic arm, for a year (2020-2021).

JF-17 Emerged As The Star of Swift Retort

Albeit, both the kills on 27th February 2019 were achieved by the F-16s engaged in fighter sweep mission but the real star of the whole operation turned out to be the JF-17 Thunder in both the ground strikes and fighter sweep activities.

Nuclear Security Index 2020 Ranks Pakistan ‘Most Improved Country’ For Security Measures

The NTI (Nuclear Threat Initiative) Nuclear Security Index 2020 ranked Pakistan as the ‘most improved country’ with weapons-usable nuclear materials, leaving India behind again.

French COIN Tactics during Algerian Insurgency & lessons for Pakistan

“Each insurgency rests in the culture, history and situation of the country……you don’t look for specific answers but patterns of thoughts” an Op-Ed by Panzerkiel our Military Professional.


The concept of war expands as technology provides new options and means. The induction of long range missiles, high precision smart weapons, unmanned systems, robots and satellites, has given military planners a new dimension in the prosecution of war. This kind of war, which is primarily driven by technology and aimed at achieving a quick, decisive victory by disrupting, denying and destroying the enemy war waging potential by remote delivery of destructive kinetic energy and soft power through relentless information operations is termed as “Non-Contact” or “Non-Contact Warfare”. authored by PanzerKiel