Tuesday, October 27, 2020


OP-ED: War Days, finding an unlikely ally

The hardships of war and the unusual help out of nowhere. Counter-Terrorism tale of Pakistan at a ruggedly mountainous area where there are no cellphones, there is no television, there are no distractions and yet these men stand tall day in and day out and still manage to smile.

Hagia Sophia: A Legal Analysis

This article will not indulge into discussions of such nor as to whether there existed political motives behind Hagia Sophia decision or not. What it will look to analyze is the legal standing of the decision and what legal mindset did the Turkish court utilized when they announced the decision.

A Brief Article on Iran’s Anti-Ship ballistic Missile Capability

Iran is one of few nations on the planet actively fielding anti-ship ballistic missiles and these are constantly increasing in potency. These missiles, especially when combined with Iran's other offensive capabilities (such as UAVS) give it a highly effective area/access denial capability at the sea (and land).

Ex PN Chief Zafar Mehmood Abbasi highlighted PN modernization

According to outgoing Naval Chief, Admiral ZM Abbasi, PN has restructured its operational formations by raising Surface Task Force 1,2&3 at Karachi, Gwadar and Ormara.

Kashmir, The Butcher and the Spectators [Op-ed]

Now that the genocide is accelerating in a higher gear, the world leaders can no longer turn a blind eye to the elephant in the room, as the butcher sharpens his blades it’s not only Kashmiris, but over 200 million other minorities in the mainland that are also in sight of being slaughtered, to stay ignorant in these desperate times will only pave a way for the biggest genocide of the 21st century.

Durand Line: A Border Recognized

Both in International law and precedents as well as by the actions of the Afghan government, it can be seen that the border demarcation is wholly recognized by them. The acts of fencing the border are protested whenever there exists any military engagement due to the fact of fence being built in the territory they perceive as their own or on strategic areas once abandoned but now claimed. The people of Afghanistan need to come back to reality and rather than antagonize Pakistan and further strain the relations between the two nations, they must bury this dead argument of non-recognition and work towards a secure frontier.

Removal of Parliamentary System: Is It Possible?

We await Messiahs and new systems but fail to understand that whether it be Presidential or Parliamentary, it is the people who make the country and in any system, the only ones that can bring proper change are the people through self-introspection and bringing all those that are incompetent or corrupt, be it a politician or military general, to justice by open condemnation of such be it the perpetrator is a politician, bureaucrat, judge or a general.

Requirement For A Special Service / Operations Command For Pakistan

A brief article regarding special forces by one of our title holders at Pakistan Defence Forum.

Rape Law Needs to be Understood and Amended Properly

A composition written by one of our TTA especially in the wake of recent incidents.

No Indians You Didn’t Kill Naik Usman Just like you Didn’t kill Wing Commander...

The fact is, Naik Usman is still alive & kicking at LoC. Indian manipulation started with Shahzazuddin to W/C Hassan Siddiqui & then Naik Usman due to the shocks post Operation Swift Retort.