Thursday, May 26, 2022


PDF Magazine: Leadership in Emergencies

Informative article by our forum TTC RescueRanger.

Lessons For Tactical Commanders from Tamil Insurgency

Different insurgencies will never pose a single kind of threat, environment and conditions so that a universally approved solution may be applicable. The successful COIN drive against LTTE by the Sri Lankan Government is analyzed in the backdrop of their earlier attempts, with the purpose of drawing lessons and ascertaining their applicability in Pakistan in the prevalent environment.

Biden Election Could Be a Bad Omen for Modi Regime in India | Pakistan...

Speaking Exclusively to Pakistan Defence, veteran Bureaucrat, and academic Irshad Ahmed Kaleemi. gave an in-depth analysis of Joe Biden's election as the 46th President of the United States, and its potential implications for Pakistan and Modi regime in India.

OP-ED: War Days, finding an unlikely ally

The hardships of war and the unusual help out of nowhere. Counter-Terrorism tale of Pakistan at a ruggedly mountainous area where there are no cellphones, there is no television, there are no distractions and yet these men stand tall day in and day out and still manage to smile.

Hagia Sophia: A Legal Analysis

This article will not indulge into discussions of such nor as to whether there existed political motives behind Hagia Sophia decision or not. What it will look to analyze is the legal standing of the decision and what legal mindset did the Turkish court utilized when they announced the decision.

A Brief Article on Iran’s Anti-Ship ballistic Missile Capability

Iran is one of few nations on the planet actively fielding anti-ship ballistic missiles and these are constantly increasing in potency. These missiles, especially when combined with Iran's other offensive capabilities (such as UAVS) give it a highly effective area/access denial capability at the sea (and land).