Thursday, July 9, 2020



The concept of war expands as technology provides new options and means. The induction of long range missiles, high precision smart weapons, unmanned systems, robots and satellites, has given military planners a new dimension in the prosecution of war. This kind of war, which is primarily driven by technology and aimed at achieving a quick, decisive victory by disrupting, denying and destroying the enemy war waging potential by remote delivery of destructive kinetic energy and soft power through relentless information operations is termed as “Non-Contact” or “Non-Contact Warfare”. authored by PanzerKiel

Webinar: Twin Lockdown in Kashmir and Global Response

Webinar was attended by British Parliamentarians. Labour MP Liam Byrne said that UK had to drop the pretense that this disputed issue must be resolved bilaterally. There should be impartial 3rd-party mediation for the resolution of the issue in accordance with the UNSC resolutions on Kashmir.

The toughest of the tough: which role is the hardest in the armed forces?

The Infantry Man, A Pilot's or the Submariner? Who would you pick

Terrorism and casualty care in Balochistan

An Op-Ed authored by RescueRanger, our Counter Terrorism & Crisis Response Specialist

Principles of War

an Op-Ed by Jhungary on Warfare - Part 1

Unpacking the thinking behind Indian defence strategy

As news keeps trickling in from Ladakh it seems vital to understand how did India end up here. That was no accident; we can see two colliding ideas about defence colliding and one, clearly, seems to be better than the other. I have covered the Chinese thinking strategically in another article here. I would like to turn this into a new direction where we try to unpack the Indian military’s mentality or better the guiding principle in my opinion on which they were operating.

COVID – 19| Precautions and measures

with number of infected people increasing in the country, everyone must play their part & practice social distancing. Effective implementation of prevention measures is the only way forward.

Stealing credit to manipulate the masses: How PTM propaganda tries to fool everyone

| With input from OSINT Team & Research Partner Asfandyar Bhittani, we were able to provide complete timeline from January 2018 on Educational reforms in Tribal areas. PTM lies stand exposed once again. Govt's social media teams are busy in meme war with opposition parties, allowing PTM to take the center stage & make false claims