The Pakistani military establishment was left embarrassed and stunned today, when a small group of terrorists infiltrated on one of their top military bases, to conduct a brazen suicide attack. The insurgents were wearing military camouflages and armed with some of the most advanced close combat weapons. The PAF Kamra Aeronautical Complex in the vicinity of PAF Base Minhas is one of the most important locations of the Pakistani Air Force (PAF) and defence industry. The attack seems to be committed in retaliation to the recent PAF strikes on militants in the Orakzai Agency.

According to the local media reports, the attackers managed to infiltrate in to the facility at about 2 am in the morning. A fierce gunfight occurred inside the compound, between the militants and the security forces. Fortunately, the militants were eliminated before they could reach the hangars, where a large number of military aircrafts were parked. However, one aircrafts was reported to be damaged during the incident, when a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG), fired by one of the attackers landed near its parking lot.

Earlier it was reported that a total of nine militants were involved in the attack. The armed forces confirmed the death of eight attackers and one soldier. It is not immediately known whether any of the insurgents managed to escape from the area. So far, none of the militant groups have claimed responsibility for the attack. Still, the military officials are perplexed on how the militants managed to find their way inside the base, despite very high security.

Air Commodore Muhammad Azam, the commanding officer of the PAF Base Minhas was reported to be seriously injured after being hit by a bullet, but his condition remained stable. Meanwhile, the military officials denied media reports that there were nuclear weapons stored inside the base, at the time of attack.

More than 30 aircrafts were parked inside the airbase at the time of the strike, including a number of JF-17 Thunder multirole fighter jets. This is the second time in less than 18 months that the militants are targeting a Pakistani military base. On 22nd May 2011, 10 servicemen were killed in an attack by militants affiliated to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. Recently, there was also another attack on a Coast Guard camp located near to Gwadar.


  1. Terrorists infiltrated successfully the base and got +1 point but they couldn’t reach the target and got minus point hence there score was zero. Security forces fail to check the infiltration and get -1 point but after successful clean up operation they get plus point but their total score is zero as well. Terrorists do have edge over the security forces that they infiltrate and attack key places like the GHQ, PNS Mehran etc. etc.

    Well this is long term war and such attacks are not unexpected. A multi layer security check can address their attacks effectively and keep them away from doing major losses.

  2. i have suggested a solution long ago and now i am using this forum to bring into your attention.
    simple solution to all these terrorist attacks.
    3 tiers of security zones. one the first divide road in three sections and these section will be separated by average man height walls.i can make a picture on demand to elaborate more.
    first row will be fore pedestrian.
    second for motor bikes and small vehicles.
    third for heavy vehicles.

    all rows will have a red line in the beginning of row,every man or vehicle must stop on this red line.every person on this red line will remove half part of his or cloth to show his or her bally as if he or she is not having a suicidal belt on his body,have separate line for women if needed.during this process of checking all person and vehicles will be taken on a high mounted machine gun make a higher above ground machine gun post under it other check post men will be serving manual checking as person or vehicles will approach to him after showing his bally and other required body parts.

    high wall will be helpful not to let run a suicidal or terrorist person if detected by removal of his required clothes.

    then after red line this person or vehicle will approach second stop line near check post man distance between first red line and second blue line will be a distance to be safe for check post person if suicidal attacker blow him or herself, so he or she will explode but check post men will be a safe distance say for example 100 meter distance.

    one second stop line he or she or vehicle will be manually checked.

    second and most importantly every military vehicle will be tracked and every vehicle driver will be given special code as he will take out the vehicle as he will go he will announce his code to departing check post guard who will keep it as record and destination check post guard will be delivered this code via other means like wireless or phone so that as this vehicle approach the destination check post the driver will announce the code to destination check post guard and he will telly and confirm it,after all this process any vehicle can enter a military area.this is to eliminate any undesired or militant vehicle to enter any military area.

    Taliban or militant are not very intelligent people but since they emerged against Pakistan we did not out wit them by devising new tactics to counter their way of attacking.

    kindly commit on my post i can elaborate it more in more details if anyone ask any question.

  3. Well said Salik Question is very much concerned how do these insurgents penetrated inside who provided them advanced combat guns camouflages ? similar to past attacks on GHQ, PNS Mehran etc. etc.Why USA bashing all time on Pakistan discrimination double standards on many events in past if you go in the history they never want to see Pakistan a nuclear power propaganda’s of nuclear assets not safe all time stigma for them Pakistan a Muslim country having this quality is a painful death for all of them what ever raw khaad mossad dutch MIVD German BND all have 1 mission to destabilize Pakistan internally and never let it grow never trade but just giving add using it like slaves and thirst of $ dollars by Pakistani politicians establishment never ending opening NATO supply without charging them for heavy taxes to pay and complete surety of no drone attacks it will happen no one knows what more gonna happen in future this whole shitts was pre planned much before 911 attacks how to invade Muslim countries capture there resources invade free states by making CIA trained Asama laden Taliban previous called mujaheddin in Russian wars american presence in Afghanistan is not to save america but many secret motives china Russia still sleeping even recession have no impact on USA UK to stop war craze utilizing there big arms ammunition industries only GOD can give them lesson of enjoying extra ordinary life themselves putting others lives in pain GOD BLESS PAKISTAN.

  4. Even a novice in the art of mass media would know that the real target of TTP militants was Saab 2000 Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircrafts. They were not even interested in the assembly line of JF Thunder aircraft being co-produced at Kamra. This attack is a rerun of a similar attack on Naval Air Base, Mehran where the target was P3C Orion aircraft used for Long Range Marine Patrol. The motive of the attack was to damage Pakistan’s sophisticated and expensive defense capabilities. TTP which claims to be fighting the occupation forces in Afghanistan are actually fighting to cripple Pakistan’s defense mechanism. And who should be behind these terrorists is not a million dollar question.

    • AWACS is a defensive-type aircraft. Destroying any such aircraft will not affect the PAF’s anti-terrorist operations. On the other hand, the militants were most probably trying to destroy the bombers and fighter jets of the PAF, which were being used against them in FATA.

  5. No one can stop a suicide attack. They were wearing military uniform so they were allowed to come near the base and they were ready to die. How can you stop an attack like that? It is going to happen. In the end all those terrorists died as planned. But Thankfully not much damge to the base, although we had one shaheed.
    May Allah grant him eternal paradise. Ameen.

  6. may allah give us the strength to solve these problems
    and prevent them fom happening in the future 🙂

  7. friends we have talked about failure of pak defense to avoid these attacks but you should always remember we are in war and the enemy of our country used toy against Pakistan, friendz you ahve missed 1 point do you all remember the braveness of liftuinent at mehran base?? did you not seen the braveness of air force gun post mujhaid who fought against terrorist about 20 minuets alone, because that time others go to sehri ets, this brave person who belong to multan became shaheed stopped the terrorist for several minutes till the forces take advance and kill the all terrorist , we solute our brave soldiers,

  8. astonishing, what our intellegence is doing, why the responsibles are still freed, our intellegence should wiped out the so called tahrik e taliban and so called our friend countries.
    Oh God, whats going on there in Pakistan.
    God save and help Pakistan.
    أَلَمْ تَرَ كَيْفَ فَعَلَ رَبُّكَ بِأَصْحَابِ الْفِيلِ

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