Hundreds protest in Iran,despite warning

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    Looks like it may be over. They killed and beat enough people to remain in power.

    [TEHRAN BUREAU] The fact that there is a war going on between “two senior revolutionary clerics” is not a big secret. The cat was out of the bag when right after one of the election debates one of the two bunched up his robes and headed to Qom to lobby the ayatollahs there.

    While no one really knows what happened in Qom, there has been speculation that cleric #2 has tried to unseat cleric #1 and for this, he desperately needs the support of the god squad.

    Rumor has it that #2 has approached one of the top sources of emulation in the Shia world to allegedly garner support for his cause, which does not seem all that clear as he has not officially taken a stance on it.

    One privilege of being in the same profession is that one usually knows all there is to know about others moving in the same circles and when at war, this information can be used as leverage as this is what appeared to have happened last Friday.

    Cleric #1 addressed the nation, issued threats and offered incentives. Mysteriously hinted at the things he knew and would tell all if things did not quiet down. Dangled the good old carrot and brought down the stick. His words however appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

    This Friday cleric #2, who has so far kept silent in appearance and not flinched even after his family members were arrested to perhaps get a reaction out of him, was the person who was supposed to take the pulpit.

    Every one anticipated his speech as it could have been detrimental, he could have chosen to raise the white flag or declared war and even made counter threats. However it does not seem like he will be given the chance as the one addressing the nation this week will be another cleric who is in cleric #1’s team.

    The god squad in Qom which had waited out the turmoil to see who was more likely to come out of the ring a winner before deciding which side to support has slowly begun to realize #1 has more pull and now one by one they are coming forth calling for an end to the dispute.

    The crisis in Tehran is beyond the defeated candidate and the winner of the race as both are puppets in the game.

    The defeated candidate keeps blowing ‘hot and cold.’ One day he urges people to calm and the next he tells them to protest and says that he is ready for martyrdom; one day he urgently tweets that he wants people to join him in front of Parliament and the next he issues a denial saying he never tweeted this.

    He asked people to join him in Tehran’s cemetery on Thursday for mourning. Gathering in Tehran cemetery is of great importance, as it is what happened when the founder of the Islamic Republic returned to the country. It was the speech he delivered at the cemetery where the martyrs of the revolution had been laid to rest that changed the future of Iran.

    The puppeteers of this show knew that such a gathering taking place would mean giving legitimacy to the cause of the defeated candidates. What could have turned into a bloody confrontation was called off by organizers.

    The winner of the race appears to be assured of where he stands as there have been no statements coming from his direction. The streets of Tehran look more like the streets of Baghdad with checkpoints set up throughout the capital and IRGC uniformed men patrolling the streets and stopping people at whim.

    Fewer and fewer people seem to be coming out and protests seem to have lost their momentum. After dark, the sound of Allah o Akbar still resonates through the night followed by gunshots to frighten people.

    They even say that certain people go around and spray paint the doors of homes where the sound of Allah o Akbar comes from so that they can arrest people the next day. Maybe even to scare them into thinking that someone is on to them and they could be arrested at any moment.

    People seem to have lost their hope and to have realized that the change they were looking for will never come. They seem to have accepted that they have no power to assert their rights and justice is deaf, dumb and blind.

    The winner of the Ayatollah wars has proven his point and taught everyone a lesson.

    The War of the Ayatollahs – Tehran Bureau
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    Should we be surprised here...?

    Iranian envoy: CIA involved in Neda's shooting? -

    The time is here that the world is sick and tire of hearing from the ME how the CIA is responsible for every ills in the region. The people and the governments are absolutely blameless.
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    The people and the governments are absolutely blameless.

    Tell a lie often enough you will believe it.
    Tell a big lie often enough and everyone will believe it
    Tell a big lie often enough and have the government controlled media publish it and it is fact..

    The people are actually blameless, just lied to. :agree:

    The governments are not.

    The lies of life..
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    lmfao ... communist..... :rofl::rofl::rofl: .. you know what even cnn is reporting the same and so is bbc.. and yeaa how can we forget my favourite abc .. everyone is accusing THE CIA , THE AMERICA AND THE EVERYTHING except for the iranians themselves..and yeaa not to forget the sources are from iranian government who themselves are fighting a free democratic movement.. i wonder why moussavi hasn't been put behind the bar for colluding with the americans ... height of carelessness on the part of the iranian authorities .. yeahh .. theyy are soo lazyyy :police:
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    Evidence of direct US interference and death in Iran by funding opposition violent activities. Obama, a wolf in sheep skin.

    Obama to fund anti-govt. elements in Iran: Report

    Sun, 28 Jun 2009 02:23:25 GMT

    US President Barack Obama is reportedly to pursue the funding program devised under his predecessor.
    US President Barack Obama is re-branding a Bush-era plan to fund anti-government Iran-based elements through domestic and foreign entities, a report says.

    The Obama White House has apparently refused to act on the former administration's decision to allocate USD 66 million to Iranian dissidents, devising a new approach instead, USA TODAY reported on Friday.

    His team has demanded that an additional USD 15 million be pumped into the Near Eastern Regional Democracy Initiative which addresses related issues in the region.

    Some of that money will be targeted at Iran, said David Carle, a spokesman for the appropriations subcommittee that oversees foreign affairs, the daily added.

    Meanwhile, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), which promotes the country's foreign policy, has filed an application for a 20-million-dollar grant earmarked for the groups which back opponents of the Iranian government.

    Citing 'security concerns', the State Department and the foreign policy agent declined to name the recipients of the funds.

    In promoting the move, USAID has taken up the cudgels on behalf of "democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in Iran." The agency is to receive a final answer to its request by the end of June.

    Earlier in the month, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had lashed out at 'Western-style Liberal democracy', saying it has resulted in devastating consequences worldwide.

    "Under the banner of Liberalism, many have committed barbarities and crimes against humanity without facing any kind of punishment," he said. That is in addition to his constant criticism of the West's interfering approach towards Iran.

    On Saturday, Obama brushed off a call by Ahmadinejad to 'apologize' over Washington's "meddling in Iran's internal affairs."

    "I don't take Mr. Ahmadinejad's statements seriously about apologies," he said.

    The Iranian president expressed "surprise" at his American counterpart's remarks, saying Obama revealed Washington's true face to the Iranian nation and all nations of the world.

    Obama to fund anti-govt. elements in Iran: Report
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    Eight British embassy employees in Tehran have been arrested in a sharp escalation of the diplomatic row between Iran and the UK.

    Iran arrests British embassy staff - Telegraph
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    Payvand Iran News ...

    Prominent reformist re-arrested for implicating head of Iran's judiciary

    Source: Radio Zamaneh

    Ali Shakourirad, member of Iranian reformist party, Islamic Iran Participation Front, was arrested again by the Islamic Republic authorities for implicating Iran's head of judiciary in supporting reformists.

    Tehran Revolutionary and Public Court reported that Ali Shakourirad was arrested today over the charge of attributing falsehoods to Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani, head of Iran's judiciary.

    [he asserted in a public debate that the current head of the judiciary, Ayatollah Larijani, had admitted that the results of the June, 2009 “elections” had been falsified, and that Green Movement leader Mir Hossein Mousavi had actually won. Shakouri-rad said he had proof, and would present it at an appropriate moment.] - Michael Ledeen

    Shakourirad, who was released only over a month ago, recently participated in a discussion with former head of state news agency IRNA and published the contents in his personal website. Shakourirad who had taken the position that violations had occurred in the process of the last presidential elections in 2009, stated: "Your own media reported that Ali Larijani had congratulated Mr. Mousavi on phone...Such statements also exist regarding Mr. Sadegh Larijani which for one reason or another has not been covered by the media and they will surface when it s necessary."

    Ayatollah Sadegh Larijani denied Shakourirad's statements

    MirHosein Mousavi was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's chief opponent in the 2009 presidential elections. Mousavi disputed Ahmadinejad's victory and with widespread allegations of election fraud the country was thrown in serious turmoil and protest.

    The government responded to the upheaval by arresting protesters and prominent reform figures and dispute continues after over a year of conflict. Deep rifts appeared in the Islamic Republic system following the elections and even in the conservative camp, some political figures have found themselves at odds with the Ahmadinejad administration.

    The Revolutionary and Public Courts news outlet reported today that the head of the judiciary, Ayatollah Larijani, has denied Shakourirad's statements and therefore, Shakourirad has been arrested on the charge of publishing falsehoods.

    He is also reportedly accused of proposing falsehoods against the Islamic Republic and propaganda against the regime.

    Ali Shakourirad was last arrested for 16 days in September and released with the intervention of a senior cleric.

    Norooz website reports that 16 members of the Islamic Iran Participation Front are currently in prison.